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  Bourke-Taylor, Cotter, Johnson, & Lalor. (2018). Belonging, school support and communication: Essential aspects of school success for students with cerebral palsy in mainstream schools. Teaching and Teacher Education, 70, 153-164. Hoy, A., & Margetts, K. (2016). Educational psychology (4th ed.). Marin, E. (2014). Are Today’s General Education Teachers Prepared to Face Inclusion in the Classroom? Procedia –… Continue reading References

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Artefact 3: Supervising teacher feedback on difficult lesson.

This artefact meets the teaching standard 6.3 – Engage with colleagues and improve practice (Teacher Standards, 2018). The feedback given by my supervising teacher is of a difficult lesson with my English class. In my experience this class is generally draining but are cooperative after being settled. However, in this lesson the class was moved… Continue reading Artefact 3: Supervising teacher feedback on difficult lesson.

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Artefact 2: Persuasive writing worksheet.

This artefact aimed to introduce students in my year 8 class to a more nuanced approach to persuasive writing which differed from their previous experiences with the topic. This caters to the teaching standard 2.1 – Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area (Teacher Standards, 2018). The task itself was simple and the students… Continue reading Artefact 2: Persuasive writing worksheet.

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Artefact 1: Tell-Tale Heart- Student influenced model paragraph.

This artefact is a modelling activity that was completed with an average year 10 class in term 4 and meets the teaching standard 3.3- Use teaching strategies (Teacher Standards, 2018). This task was aimed at helping to prepare these students for year 12 English writing and was based around student input rather than being teacher… Continue reading Artefact 1: Tell-Tale Heart- Student influenced model paragraph.

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Teaching Philosophy Statement

A Classroom should be an environment that is equal; there should be a focus on equal work and equal treatment. Students play an imperative role in the classroom environment and are who drive change in terms of classwork, class structure, teaching methods and approaches. Students do this both directly and indirectly. With this thought in… Continue reading Teaching Philosophy Statement

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Reading Australian: Summative Entry

Australian Literature helps me to expand the boundaries of my own experience. This statement is accurate in multiple ways. It has enhanced my physical, spiritual and intellectual experiences. The study of multiple Australian poems and novels have provided multiple perspectives of Australia. Both positive and negative. The works that have had the most profound effect… Continue reading Reading Australian: Summative Entry

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Reading Australia: Peer Review

Hi Emily, This is a very interesting perspective of the light. I would have never thought to explore possible negative connotations of the light. Your description of the light stating that- “Something so physically bright, interrogating, intrusive.”- can also be “Something so spiritually filling, so breath-taking, so free.”. It is also very important that you… Continue reading Reading Australia: Peer Review